One Thing I Understand

This wasn’t the next thing on my mind, what with hot and heated happenings the successes of present Indian government have triggered among those marginalised in public eye and the International Yoga Day coming up in a few days from now… But the difficult topic has suddenly eased itself into my awareness : yeah, sincerely, at any other time I’d be hard put trying to answer if there is really anything I do understand. And so be it.

One, things happen. They always do but, left to themselves, they rot and rust. Correction : they will likely rust and rot even if all that you do, lead you into unhappy circumstance, troubled relationships, interactions that stretch the chasm and harden you into it, to breach of trust, loss of love and divorce, not necessarily limited to your spouse but with every other thing or people or dream you have earlier placed your hope and happiness from.

I couldn’t ever understand those matrimonial ads which clearly stipulated that grooms from IT industry need not respond. I felt it must be the career risks  associated with the profession or frequent relocations those young people had to undergo, untill a chance visit by a financially comfortable colleague from years ago clarified. It wasn’t professional but a distinct inability upwardly mobile youth of our empowered I–Me–Mine generation acquire in our rights denominated societies… right to individual freedoms, do as one pleases, especially with all that money one has oneself earned, to be and become as it occurs on the spur of the moment, even when others around do not appreciate or disagree and caution.

“What, isn’t the moment everything there is to life ?” Wasn’t it Buddha himself who has prescribed, and all the modern age gurus proliferating on spcial media endlessly, full-throatedly and unreservedly concur ? Which hole are you coming from to disagree with such legit norm of choices and aspirations : do it, if you can: better to do than regret; now, than then ? “After all, it is my life. And you only live once. I’m not committing a crime, wronging or harming anyone. Above all, it is money I have earned, to do as I wish. And you are welcome to it too, to join in or have it your way.”

 * * *

My discerning readers would have guessed by now. It is UBUNTU : There is no happiness without the happiness of those I relate to… in my company, family, community or group.

It’s the bottomline to our spirit… not just of our mind, body, profession or bank account.

One thing I understand… So may you.


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