One Year Later, Mr Modi !

We Trust You, Mr Modi…

It’s just that a few things are far too important to be left unsaid or presumed to have been said, that certain matters are urgent enough to merit reiteration even at the cost of seeming basic, extraordinary or repetitive.

Everybody has sensed that the 2014 election is historic in more ways than one. But, being of the winning political party, it might be less obvious to those in power that the democratic expression is less about you or your outfit than about the future of this ancient nation and its people. It is a landmark, the like of which remains in collective consciousness for centuries as a pre– and post– marker, between dark and illumined periods along the linear time scale when the entire life quality of the people turns discernably for the better — hope, freedom, ease, goodness, virtue, prosperity and happiness… or transparently for the worse. This turn of 2014 is comparable to the one felt in 1947, in 1977, and in 1991 to lesse extent.

But that scale of perspective starting in 1947 is too, far too, short in the context of what the Indian people hold in their heart. Our calendar still starts with a mention of “Yugabdha 5117” … the first year of Kaliyuga. It speaks of Vikram Era, which ‘secular’ British India abandoned because it began 57 years before the Christian landmark. The Saka Era was adopted instead, being 78 years after the Christian era reference in ‘modern’ gregorian calendars that prevailed then and is now followed nationally.

The trouble with the development–alone agenda is the same as projecting Gandhi as ‘Father of the Nation’ : the mainstream Indian collective has forgotten nothing of all in its past. It remembers the happenings before the advent of Kaliyug and hence finds as laughable this pinning of India’s nationhood to the year 1947. The Muslim community’s rape, loot and killings, and atrocities of Christian Inquisition in Goa and elsewhere, to name just two ‘religious’ behaviours, makes this constitution-mandated secularism seem very suspicious in our view.

Let me assure you, Sir, that the large mainstream collective of this country is perfectly willing to accept our history, both the glory and the gore, with its unique equanimity. But not the glossed over versions peddled before it. That counters its primary character as seekers of truth, inculcated and imbibed over tens of millennia. The injustices and indignities it has suffered over time is entirely bearable but without a shred of lie or untruth in its regard.

Is that so difficult to understand, Mr Modi ? This collective yearning for reconciliation in the light of truth ? If it is, allow me to say it to your face : This nation will settle its heart only in favour of its truth seekers and truth sayers, of the kind that Veer Savarkar embodied, that Aurobindo showed and Netaji Bose followed. Not that antic-filled game played out Gandhi and taken up by his heir, Jawaharlal.

So, when your ministerial colleague Rajnath says, the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya is not a priority of your government, it can only mean : either, you do not understand the people’s mandate of 2014, or, you are lying and can rightly be accused of having a hidden agenda. The choice is yours to make, and clarify.



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