Recurring Life Stoppers

People look for it. Marketers routinely use it. Yet, it stops me for a while when people get lured by that call to ‘perfect’ something — house, car, shirt, food, travel destination or accommodation. You name it and append the appellant to let its manipulative power work. Like magic, both to beckon the dreaming hearts and in fobbing off the multitudes in their harsher circumstance.

It’s one of the many expressions I classify as recurring life stoppers — classic, mysterious, unclarified. It’s real for the sensitive, and for anyone whose concerns are no longer basic, who can afford to dream of something more in his or her life. And this one — perfection — tops the list.

The word suggests a package that is complete with ‘everything in one’s desire.’ The context is the individual, who supplies it at its mention : perfect. Couldn’t be better ! Nothing, not already there, would improve it.

Which kind of rubs off its sheen. But who comes this far, analysing and breaking its wonderful spell in our experience just then ?

It isn’t that I do not believe in it, in its being. I do but more for myself, in my individual context : the thing, the situation, time, my values, and perspectival specifics I have brought over from my past and in my intent for the future. It is inconceivable that I would project my sense of it on to anyone else’s context. Looking up, from that state of freeze at its public mention, marketers must most surely be smarter than I will ever be.

The MBA-wallah is dead.

Long live the MBA-wallah !

To add, I believe even more in the effort to perfection, this once in common with each of my contemporaries. But that, unlike the material lure of a perfect package here and now, is hard work : in the making of things, surprising oneself pleasantly and causing exhilaration to rise among others, unsuspecting and unaware !


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