#India : On Global Stage Now

For far too long, the world has been led by greedy colonialism and dreamy communism.
They’ve led to all the wars we have ever had in our post medieval history.
And their neo-forms remain at work to this day.

India, and all countries at the receiving end heretofore, offers a way out : fostering genuine respect for all nations big and small, all people rich and poor.

It has the unique qualification, among others, of witnessing millennia of unbroken history and it mammoth happennings in thought and action, most of which originating from its own bosom, some of which it has caused to trigger, and consequences of the rest it has absorbed.

India is aware of all the past in the present; and it knows the way to our viable future.
Beyond greed, without the dreams.

There’s a cosmic reality India is in touch with.
It lives upon and by it, when it is not overtaken by imported primitive greed and alien delinquent dreams, as it prevails amongst younger nations elsewhere !

India is awake.


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