Generation And Management

There’s something diabolical about life : you need to be young to infuse energy into the world about us but be old enough to have the learning necessary to manage it with minimum error. A human generation lasts about 20 years; for an optimistic life span of 100 years, there would be five generations at most living in a community. Actually, in practice, there would be just three, who would not have already signed off active life and social concerns. It would mean a combined experience of 120 max years under the same roof, not all of which may be wise and at peace enough to create our future !

Animals and plants do not this problem : nature codifies their learning that allows both sameness and adaptability. Trees do not move and are incapable of causing chaos; the most powerful of animals have no thought of future, let alone live the unquiet anxiety it introduces in the present. That is, until humans began to cast abroad their own…

We used to have books and traditions to set ourselves to desired ways of life. Then, we came to have laws. But books are read for entertainment today; traditions have faded and laws leave the deviants chuckling. Religions served as repositories of knowledge and wisdom, once upon a time. But they no longer seem so; not to our awesome power to choose, deem and declare.

What would reign in our power to choose and guide it along ways that lead to the better ?

There is a surfeit of information and entertainment, much aided by the web.

But knowledge ? There isn’t enough of that within and about us, I dare say.


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