Travelling the World Should be Everyone’s Life Goal

The blogpost here is only representative of what I want to introduce to you. You could go through every one of the posts on the blog and find yourself smiling, better informed and pretty much impressed.

Forbidden Jungle

I wrote that title as if I’m some sort of hardened veteran nomad that’s sailed the seven sea’s and conquered the Great Wall of China, but as a matter of fact, I’ve not even been able to set foot out of my own home country. But, my main goal in life does consist of traveling the globe and I genuinely believe that there isn’t a thing that can stop me from turning this familiar dream into a rare reality. My hunger for world exploration is not solely driven by the unimaginable sights and once in a lifetime experiences though, but by the idea that scouring across every continent is something required to be done in my life before I die, purely for the sake of doing so. To put it crudely, life is short – literally just a miniscule blip in the perpetual timeline of the gargantuan Universe. Give or take, the…

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