Why Does Minimalism Win/Suffice? (in the arts, advertsing, fashion, life….)

Love you, Kamala… muaah !
Minimalisn is not laziness. It is an umbrella value that welcomes simplicity, cuts out the clutter, and allows love for people and things to grow on our acceptance of little facts and small themes respective to each.

Kamala Thompson

Minimalism can refer to a few things. In the arts, minimalism was a trend that started in the 1950s. Paintings, sculptures, other visual arts and music would utilize the repetition of very short phrases, rhythms, and patterns. Today, minimalism has become a lifestyle philosophy centered around removal of everything that distracts us and only having things in our life that are necessary or have true value. Within this philosophy there are interconnected themes of living in the moment, emotional health, passion and mission, taking action, contribution, and change and experimentation. It makes sense that with the rise of all our technological advancements that there would be a rise in this philosophy. Scientific research has even proven that technological over-stimulation has actually desensitized people and caused them to become bored with their own lives. The result of having too many options and having too many decision to make can actually diminish…

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