The Separation

A ‪#‎Haqeeqat‬ song that never fails to move me … Never !

It’s about a man then going to war, certain to never come back…

Main yeh soch kar uss ke dar se utha
Ki woh rok legi, manaa legi mujhko …

Hawaon mein lahrata aata tha daaman
Ki daaman pakad ke bitha legi mujhko

Kadam aise andaaz se uth rahen the
Ki awaaz de kar bula legi mujhko …

Magar usne roka, na usne manaya
Na daaman hi pakda, na usne bithaya
Na awaaz hi di, na wapas bulaya

Main aahista, aahista badhta hi aaya
Yahaan tak ki uss se judaa ho gaya main

Judaa ho gaya main, judaa ho gaya main
Judaa ho gaya main …


A free – flow translation would read thus :

I got up, at her place, wishing

She would halt my steps

Reconcile, and stop me…

The loose cloth fluttered with breeze

Came up moving as if she would

Catch hold of it and make me stop…

My feet moved, laden as if

She would give a shout

And call me back…

But she did not stop, did not reconcile

Did not catch hold of the fluttering end

Did not ask me to sit down then

Did not give a shout nor call me back…

So far long … that I kept moving forward and away

Away from her, separated

Separating with each step

Separated by far …


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