Yesterdays …

 by Rose Mary Boehm

On the rim of my haunting

there is a place

where all those I have loved         Ginosko II

merge with someone

I used to be.

I often conjure up your face

and it swims at the edge

of my vision.

As soon as recognition

brightens your features

they melt,

shy of the light.

Quoted from :

And another … ….


By Silva Zanoyan Merjanian

Tonight a thousand eyelids will close on beautiful lies
and quivering lips will sleep unkissed
untouched by sultry blue jazz

in the dark tonight …

lust will blister on menopausal gritty tongues
and blind vultures will circle

parameters of a man’s heart ?                                                                                   Ginosko I

tonight middle aged men will look for love in midtown bars
and women selling artificial flavors to the tune of hallelujahs
will sharpen their knives

tonight poets will find the words to color their hell
and dip their pens in wounds that aren’t even theirs
tonight …

somewhere it will rain on wingless birds ?
their love songs mending broken pillows in high notes
tonight …

she will step out with her hair down, in new stilettos
she’ll blow a kiss with naked lips

through the door left ajar tonight …

tonight’s no different than any other night
the walls are thin,

the moon is skinned,

blindfolds handed free.

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