Telling Ourself. Telling Pakistan

“Pakistan is an obnoxious houseful of problems and unworthy of any peaceful overture. Nawaz Sharif’s harp of Lahore Declaration is as much a ploy today as it then was. The suggestion of resuming cricket between the two countries is merely to trivialise both the severity of the situation and the urgency of the moment. Shabana Azmi’s hope of cinematic co-production is pitifully unreal and mooning mere.”

Truth Within, Shines Without

We are the vox populi… on social media, where we do not have the limitations of experts or the empty high speak of head – heavy journalists. What we mostly sense is either the solution or a major part of it. The problems our civilisations have faced is frequently because our voice has not been heeded.

Let it be heard … loud and clear.

We have heard the foreign media persist with its opinions and we have listened to other nations insist on their advisories. Much the same that has let things worsen over past 3 decades. What we know and need to tell ourself with clarity and conviction is that our immediate concern with Pakistan is how to deal with problems it spells for us in India. The world knows about them but it is expedient for them to not choose sides because they do not need to, not until India itself resolves and stands up to act in…

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