Journal : This July 26, 2014

Ganapati Baba for WordPress Journal

It is in the midst of the monsoon season and yet in the second month after the new NDA Govt was sworn in. Both have been deficient, by measures comparable — about 35 %. But the direction from which the measures now stands are opposite to each other : the monsoon has travelled from amost 60 % deficiency towards a marked improvement while the NDA deficiency has risen from about mere 10 % in public skepticism or outright distrust to 35 % today. The clean sweep by Congress Party in Uttarakhand bye-elections may be seen as minor but, I believe, could be loaded with significance. It takes just a little while for public disenchantment towards a political party to tip over into electorally risky domain.

There are those who suggest that we must reign in our impatience which, in other words, means that we moderate our expectations from what has been promised by the BJP, which leads the current NDA Govt. The risk with this line is two-fold, the two mutually inflating each other : one, as suggested, the tip over into becoming an object of public displeasure could be far too swift to stage a real comback in time for elections in several other states; and, two, but for regular loud enough protests, the BJP leadership is likely to remain uninformed of the representative public mood towards their policies and performance, and never enter into constant relooping, reviewing and reappraising, necessary to keep itself in tune with the need, sentiments and opinions, of the people who it claims to represent.

The Govt’s vote for Hamas, and against Israel saw massive outcry in social media. Significantly, the regular media was pretty much sanguine about it … it being in line with how the previous UPA Govt would have gone. That, of course does not negate the well-received decisions in the Budget, on bring black money into light, reinstatement of marginalised but capable officers in the Govt, bringing our stranded home from abroad, etc. But there is an immediate trust deficit on account of NDA Govt’s apathy towards this huge geo-political problem around our neighbourhood and contrarian forces within, caused by Muslim community leaders who sympathise with fundamentalist al-Quaida, Hamas, and now ISIS, and severely undermine India’s security and its nationhood. This latter section of population are loyal to pan-Sunni-Islamic Caliphate, a program funded by Turkey and Qatar among others, whose forces are joined in by community youthfuls from all over the world – 10 % of Muslims in UK, US, EU, several countries in Africa, Middle East, China, Indian subcontinent and S-E Asia.

There is evidence of all non-Muslim countries now being in various stages of destabilisation wrought about by rabid fundamentalism, uprisings, riots and terror attacks. This is to be pre-empted … a task that is neither easy nor brooking an hour’s delay. There is much to be done in law provisions, getting an empowered and pro-actively effective task force in place and working hard, and placing a judicial vertical of special courts to adjudicate. Above all, the Govt needs to share with the public broad contours of what it has on its mind on the matter.

The time to start up on the issue is now. But, even if the political leadership were willing, the ambiguous and conservative economic policy mandates reflecting in the budget and the Geneva vote against Israel are proof of a bureaucracy weighted by inertia or devotion to misplaced continuity, or by plain mischief as beneficiary stooges of the previous government !

* * *

 The season saw friendly visits by Langda and Chausa mangoes, including the latter’s small juicy types, and the sickening sweet Dushehri I have never really liked. The boils at some places on the body were familiar routine too, drying up in 3-5 days time, like virals. More rains are expected from today : tempreatures are moderate and pleasant if there is breeze over the body, natural or fan propelled.

This entry cannot end without mention of those tradition colocasia leaf preparation … ummhh. And today we bought an item each from every stall that line up the roundabout circle, 50 yards to our right. Shared among three of us, they made for a very pleasing meal.

I might shoot an email to Telecom Secretary about issues residents are facing … and yes, I need to finally decide if I’ll replace my internet security suite and demand a refund from eScan suppliers …

For the rest, it’s fine. Rum is cool and whisky, divine !

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