Left, Right And Us

Recently, a friend of mine shared with me a proposal to raise a ” Right Wing Intellectual Forum.” Since we’ve known our views and perspective on several current issues our nation is seized with, especially political and public policy matters, it was easy for me to convey my support and point out certain prerequisites for its succesful launch.

But, generally speaking, the canvas is not clearly etched and these positions — left, right, centre of right — are more presumed than universally defined. Political memes prevailing in the West revolve about two poles : conservative or republicans, representing the monarchic or capitalist right wing values of old; and, labour or democrats, who have stood for a more people-welfare embracing regime. Historically, the Right wingers have championed social and political values set by the top, the wealthy and the acknowledged members of entrenched powerful elites : they have stood for stability and continuance of ways, largely predicated by the Church and acceptable to the nobility. The radicals of their times have had to fight for interests of the laity, the commoners, the poor and the weak; they were the first democrats, egalitarians, Fabians, socialists and communists, liberals and libertarians, and even the anarchists.

However, if we take the ideologies out … because the world exceeds every ideology that we have come to pet … and put ourselves back into that creme de la creme of the democratic exercise — The Parliament — then :

We have the (1) Right, the Treasury benches of the Govt of the day;
…… …… the (2) Left, members in Opposition to the Govt; and
…… and the (3) Centre, the thinking ones who’ll oppose or support on the merit of each matter or issue as it is brought up in the House.

It is a good Model or Construct. All ideological – ism could fit in there !

Personally, I do not see myself anywhere in their midst. Because, at different times, I am likely to laud the position of the Government, the Left bereft of ideology, or the critically attuned blokes in Centre.

Because, I sense, the Force whorling about history and civilisation, the people and geopolitics here and now, unfathomably exceeds the horse-shoe like House … Unless, there is someone carrying it in his bosom within that august democratic emblem of bricks and mortar.


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