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Notes India - Ramayana
   Valmiki’s epic lays down the whole story in brief in the first section of the first chapter, in the form of a
   conversation he has with the immortal celestial, Narad.
  The Sage-Poet Valmiki inquisitively enquires of the divine sage Narada, the sublime enunciator, about a man
   who is composed  of all merited endowments of form and calibre. That is, if there is one …
                       Conversion At Its Origin
                        Kipling was convinced, of course, as most fools are in their bubble world. But it does sum up the propaganda                           and conversion drive to “save the native souls.” About a hundred years on, when people appreciate a thing or                         two of the Hindu way of life and  thought, and Christianity in India is forced to adopt its features to cover itself                         with appeal, the Vatican mission is relentless.
There is virtually an army of 40,000 missionaries in India at the Pope’s bidding, with millions of dollars to dress                           it up for lure.
     Veda, Vedas And Knowledge At Its Origin                           
     If the European scholars got the dates of the Vedic tradition and the invasion theory entirely wrong, neither did      they understand anything of what was going on in the Vedic tradition. It takes direct experience to understand        its transcendent revelations.
     Unfortunately, the observation would be true for most of the Indian population today, the hiers to this

It was heartening to know of Uzbekistan Zoroastrian Anjuman from its announcement on the web. It has been officially registered with 7,000 faithfuls as its members. Among others, it aims to inform 400 of its student members with skills to read, write and speak the Avestan language.

Rostam Abido Komiolof, the Anjuman President, is hopeful that the Zoroastrians of Uzbekistan will one day make Avestan the medium of instruction in Uzbekistan. He says that Uzbekistan has Zoroastrian cultural roots since thousands of years and this culture is alive and active till date. 


After winning the war at Delhi and presenting the heads of three of his sons to Bahadur Shah Zafar on a platter at Khooni Darwaza, Rothschild’s agents organised an extravagant ball at the Red Fort, even while vandalising the Taj Mahal. The solid gold coated spires were prised out and replaced with brass imitations. They also prised out the diamonds, saphire, rubies and emeralds, and replaced them with coloured quartz. The oligarchs always win.


      What value abides in a world without order ? What do we make of this existential chaos ?
     The case between West and East presents a debate between a closed mental universe versus an open one,           one that starts with “all are sinners” and the other which offers the freedom to perfect oneself at one’s own         pace,  through as many reincarnations as one needs. The cosmos is stil there… how wrong can things go ?
The entire “Evolution Of The Species” is evidence of this power that lends capacity to individuals to outgrow.
The immediate and occasional causes pertained to survival and perpetuation of the species but were not limited to hard forms of these terms we might have in our understanding.
For that would leave unexplained the mind boggling diversity the planet ended up with.
  A discovery by Bashkir scientists contradicts all traditional notions of human history : Dashka stone slabs are 120
  million years old and are covered with 3-D relief map of the Ural Region.

  “The layer of diopside is equally extraordinary and reveals a sort of nanostructure… In order to secure the layer of
dolomite to the layer of diopside, the “creators” replaced the atoms of silicium of the diopside with carbon atoms
of the dolomite [passing CaMg (Si03) 2 to CaMg (C03) 2], so that it seems that the two layers were soldered
together. This is a nanotechnology and implies great precision, at atomic scale.”


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