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From The Upanishads

Isha Upanishad, Mantra II [ Refer here for Mantra I ]

O Man, live long
For a hundred years
Performing actions in truth
Electable and prescribed.

For, there is no other way
To avoid the ignorance
Primordially associated
With ourself and our works.

The Upanishad starts with the word, Isha ( God ) to convey the essential unity of God and the world, the being and becoming; that, life in this world is not incompatible with the life Divine if it is lived in Truth, with the renunciation it enjoins.

The mantra suggests a focus on action, not abstention, and on freedom from desire or anticipation for particular results out of the works we perform.

Form And Consciousness

The Hindu way to God is the way to his own truth. They are the only people I know of who will see an idol or any other physical symbol of faith and will travel the distance within themselves to that which the idol or the symbol signifies.

In perspective, the path the Hindu follows has a seamless continuity from the ephemeral gross to their being within, onto the eternal or the supreme truth signified.

Cave Painting

I have long wondered about this prehistoric (40,000 – 20,000 years BP) painting in a cave near Banda in south-east Uttar Pradesh, an area bordering MP.

The sense of community is obvious …

At the centre are bows and a basket (usually hung on shoulder) to keep arrows ? 

Have a look … what idea can we have ?

Hope And Humanity

It is not difficult to see why some of the most widely embraced thoughts are also full of hope for mankind, though they are in a future forever : they bring a whole lot into the promise — an utopia. The monotheist religions do, Marxism does, and capitalists advance the same hope while milking the status quo… In democracies, the political class blare their hope through with co-opted media in tow, offering an all-in-one fountain of hope to be fulfilled soon.

We are trapped for sure. We need the hope, which however is used to exploit us; it allows individuals to occupy instituted positions of authority and taking us on a ride that is far worse than the fears we wished to avoid in the first place.

It is an unfair world and an absurd existence. Now wipe the slate clean if it is not already and enter your choice.

Achitecture India

We all see architecture… as buildings out there in the real world. They each are an experience. But there is more to the subject. They are outcomes of careful thought processes, much of which are never discussed or systematised by architects and other consultants.

The fundamental problems remain invisible as nine-tenth of the iceberg below in the sea. Bits and pieces of it may be found in office drawers or cabinets for a while but amnesia soon makes the scribble seem like script on Sindhu Sarasvati seals.

News Digest

I am outraged against “secular” #India Govt’s refusal to sign the first ever UN-led global resolution on early and forced marriage of children. The blessed country has 40% of the world’s 60 million early age marriages.

What a shame !

Fie on these imbeciles at the helm… I wish for a collective outcry that pierces the hearts of our fake and hypocritical leaders, who will compromise on essential and universal values …

India ! O India !

Consider that 65 years of independent reign over its destiny, India provides electricity to just about 100 million people out of 1200 million population it has ! About 300 million Indian citizens live in the dark after nightfall : they do not have access to electricity despite the declared national deadline for providing universal electricity access by the year 2012.

About 800 million people live in households with monthly electricity consumption of less than 100 Units, which would provide dim light in the room when supply is there. Overall, the average household consumption is less than 50 Units per month, compared to 3,500 Units for an efficient and environmentally conscious country like Germany.



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