Notes INDIA – Introducing A Few Articles

Hi Everyone,

Happy to announce that our online magazine is up ! This issue has about 20 articles to engage the evolved reader.

One could read up a brief about Management Through Earned Value or on how History is actually an account of Evolving Human Thought !

Or ponder over how brain evolution relates with personal evolution efforts of human beings, such as what Vedanta and Raja Yoga suggests ?

Or why Immanuel Kant admits of being-in-itself but concludes that it is impossible for us to know it ?

The specially featured articles present the outlines of the truth about these fascinating questions. Invariably, they span the Time horizontal from the origins of life and the seamless vertical spread of being across the three Great Spaces, from gross to subtle, one within the other.

May I invite you to check out the first curated issue of Notes INDIA where you can read up on the above subjects, and more…

A feedback of your impression or suggestion would be always very welcome.

Kind regards.

Thank you.

First Issue Intro



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