Kishore Kumar : The Interview

Unforgettably candid interview.

Echoes In Truth

I love interviews, unless it is an exercise at PR. But this one is a holler from the maverick, Kishore Kumar. He may be no more, but his voice remains eternal. I republish the eccentric singer, actor, musician and director’s interview with Pritish Nandy  that was first printed in the Illustrated Weekly of India in 1985. It’ll affect you with its sincerity and truth, and have you in splits.

Hold on to the arms of your chair, lest you fall off !

Pritish Nandy: I understand you are quitting Bombay and going away to Khandwa…
Kishore Kumar: Who can live in this stupid, friendless city where everyone seeks to exploit you every moment of the day? Can you trust anyone out here? Is anyone trustworthy? Is anyone a friend you can count on? I am determined to get out of this futile rat race and live as I’ve always…

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