Home & Away…. Part One

What a line to open with ! The interest sustains …


Home is such an under-rated destination, I can’t quite work out why so many people are desperate to ‘get out of the house’ for no reason?

After you’ve spent all that time and effort making your house into a stylish home, there needs to be a pretty good incentive to leave. For me it’s the simplest of things that tempt me to go out- a silky cup of coffee, a tasty slice of carrot cake or an in-store beauty launch. It doesn’t have to be anything flash like tea at the Ritz, it just needs to spark my imagination. Otherwise I just don’t see the point, why not enjoy what’s right in front of you…

Onions and Galic

I’m giving my green fingers at work out this year with my onion, garlic and bean crops. There so easy to grow, just plant and water daily. Above is the first bunch of spring onions…

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