Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

This is awesome … fantastic application and effort at building and projecting a wholesome view of a somewhat intractable, information deficient and particularly knotty issue. Thanks to the author.

Politically Incorrect

(This post was based on an answer originally published at Quora on Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.  And I personally felt that this was one of the best, most in depth analysis ever seen on the issue here.  The author has requested anonymity and in deference to his wishes, not revealing his name or details. This was the kind of analysis that was sorely lacking in the mainstream media, or by any of the eminent wise men, who call themselves intellectuals.  And this is what I call analysis, as the writer,  looks at the issue, thread bare. I am reproducing this  answer on my blog here with the author’s permission. The post incidentally had gone viral, and it had to be deleted couple of times from Quora. I fortunately managed to save it and reproduced it here).

History: The map below shows the provinces in south India post independence…

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