Indian Secularism

Announcement made by Mrs. Shiela Dikshit, Delhi Chief Minister,

On the occasion of Dastaar Bandi function (convocation) at Madrasa Talimul Qur’an, R. K. Puram on 17 May :

“Delhi Waqf Board’s proposal to increase the salaries of Imams and Muazzins performing their duties in Waqf Board’s Masjids in Delhi has been approved by Delhi chief minister Shiela Dikshit according to which salaries of Imams have been increased from the present Rs. 6022 to Rs. 10,000 pm and those of Muazzins have also been increased from the present Rs. 5022 to Rs. 9000 pm.”

My point is : Forget increase, the State should hardly be paying any salary to purely religious functionaries, such as Imams and Muezzins are.

Bad politics.

It costs a lot in terms of warped social values and intemperate personal ones that erode moral being and ethics in daily life.

Isn’t secularism a constitutional committment anymore ?

No matter what, this perpetuates the nation’s divide.


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