A Memory Out Of The Blues


I remembered Kiron … #IITKharagpur #PatelHall from 33 years back.

But let me ease you in the context.

I’d cooked “the best fish in the world.”

That’s no hyperbole; there were just two very discriminating palates sharing the half a kilo delicacy

and they didn’t stop raving about it, congratulating each other after dinner. I swear.

It hadn’t been too bad a day too; the day before yesterday was depressing, which I blogged about.

Today was merely warm and humid, a condition that makes me profoundly uncomfortable and unhappy but also brings my immense patience to fore.

So why did I remember Kiron Bhat, and how ? Mind you, the charming person was a “he” proper if the name confounds. And he was not even my friend, one who would be in the group that goes out on “adda” or loafs about for a good glimpse of the female form. He was two years my senior; his mates I remember were Vam, Kunal, Joe, Som …

We lived in the same hostel, Patel Hall Of Residence, during our days in the alma mater. We were friendly if not chums, sharing a high smoke or two and tossing up a glass of drink, which would be always welcome but mostly obnoxious. We would have hailed each other while passing by or would have had a conversation in the foyer or in the canteen on the first floor.

But I did remember Kiron today evening, at great length, beaming some of the sketches across to the goddess spread in the easy chair before me. The trigger was fish; or must have been, from the image I powerfully recalled : Kiron, on the other side of the service slab in the mess, putting marinated pieces of fish ever so tenderly in the boiling curry, not unlike a Master Chef who knew precisely the dish he wanted it to turn out.

We all waited, excited. Back them, I’d have it but had no great love for the aquatic animal. But this was special. And Kiron was kicked happy, smiling, sure and assurance personified. The fish was probably “bhetki” — a delicate one to prepare but not too messy to partake. There was a chatter full of expectation.

Remembering you Kiron Bhat : Your small dark face with a stubble or a frenchie, curly hair, slender build, amiable and always helpful, ready to appreciate a joke with a good laugh. And the charming smile …

Where are you, Kiron Bhat ? Do your mates hear my call ?

Bless you … wherever you are !

And, thank you, even if it is 33 years late.



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