It’s A Global Conspiracy Of The Few Alright … ( I )


Part – I

It’s still hidden to one who looks behind the exclusive facade of institutional mansions, the opaque but intimately connected finance monoliths, or the normative narration of events in history. There is an impenetrable paving we meet of people, arrangement, thought and ideology, that seems understandable, human and benign. There is no evidence that it all directed by a small group of people who, merely by and for their wealth, have taken it upon their selves to buy off or co-opt all powers within a global structure in their fight against any egalitarian idea sufficiently radical or a people’s movement that is truly implacable. 

For some time now in post-colonial era, the world has heard of that small interconnected clique of master puppeteers — the Bilderderg Group — headed by the Rothschilds and Rockfellers. The first were the primary beneficiary of manipulations through British and European colonial empires; the second, through the American dominance in the 20th Century. These hard-to-spot beneficiaries have no nationality, no preferred side amongst winners and losers. To them, all sides are manipulable and every situation is an opportunity : to profit from; to raise the capitalist structure that funnels the wealth up to their appointed coffers; and to institute the unequal hierarchy so as to keep the population striving and engaged but within the feudal values that perpetuate the segregation of “haves” and “have-nots”. 

It is certainly a very, very smart global set up. The ultimate power holders are invisible. The world has gone from being miserable to worse. Populations have risen but there are no Louis anymore to guillotine. The national constitutions are framed at their behest, and copied or minimally modified from one country to another. There are no grave enough punishments for economic crimes. And in no case can they be traced back to those faceless entities who congregate occasionally but entirely unannounced.

However, of late, some of the data now available are revealing of the consequences of this global governorship. Recent Boston Consulting Group’s Global Wealth report concludes that the wealthiest 1 percent now control 39 percent of the world’s wealth. A summary was carried by CNBC @ . That concentration is likely to increase in the coming years as the wealth of the wealthy grows faster than overall global wealth. The number of millionaires in the world surged by 10 percent year, reaching 13.8 million. The study predicts that global wealth will grow around 4.8 percent a year over the next five years—though millionaires will see their wealth grow nearly twice as fast. 

A Freeman Project study of land scam in UK traces the conquered rights, feudal ownership and Crown grants carried over in modern times by property rights built into the constitution. As a result, the cost of land for a dwelling is 300 times of that available for agriculture. The realty-finance market is cartelised and structured to make an off-the-shelf dwelling 7 times costlier than a self-constructed one; the situation feeds on the fact that most people do not have the lump sum required to build one.

The same study goes on to report that about 125 thousand families, with 600 thousand people, are homeless in Britain. More shockingly, about 10 times the space required to house these homeless people are already built and existing but are lying empty, unoccupied. Alongwith cartelised capitalist urbanisation processes, the overall economic progression has given all the advantages to the wealthy : just about 3% of the population today possesses 74% of the total land in United Kingdom. Data on these facts are available @ .

An allied Freeman study relates to increasing corporatisation of national governments. A stream in it pertains to business dynasties, which it describes as a “fraudulent flock of conspiring cohorts.” It points to a very directed process that has formed corporations aggregate, as distinct from corporates sole … a development that has lent greater muscle to finance and the wealthy, and has brought in the presence of “too big to fail” perception in governments and national regulatory bodies. It points out that, in 2009, 18 of the top 20 global corporations, by assets they possess, were in banking or diversified financials business; the remaining 2 were insurance companies. The top 7 in UK had assets exceeding that of the entire country. The Freeman page @ offers more interesting information.

In continuation, one face of this select lot of the controlling few is well known … to be continued…


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