In Search of My Own Humanity

Whatever else, the intent is fundamental to our personal and collective evolution …

The Seeker's Dungeon

What is this illogical anger?
Feels embedded inside like a biological danger
A cancer eating away at my frail peace of mind
And oddly sublime when I choose the right place and right time
For a victory lap of my ego over yours
Adding insult to insult and closing all doors
To the world surrounding my heart where I forbid you to enter
Where I will hunker down and never surrender
I escape alone to my anger’s hangout
Doesn’t matter how much you scream or you shout
For I’ll never open the doors so just go away
Or at least try your methods on some other day

And this anger resting inside?
Nurtured and cared for by my weary pride
Can’t remember a time when it wasn’t making noise
Begging to come out and play with the boys
And me begging it to just go away
Because I know it…

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