Indian History And Its Historians

Misinterpreted Greek Synchronism In Ancient Indian History …

Truth Within, Shines Without

Part I : Dating of Indian Events Before 2000 BCE

First, it needs to be recalled that anthropological research has established Paleolithic continuity, starting 60,000 BC, with the help of DNA dating. Genome studies during the Holocene, from 12,000 years ago to the present, have revealed that the genetic profile of humans settled in north, south, east and west of India is the same and has remained the same for the last more than 11,000 years. Therefore, contrary to the belief popularised by Western scholars, Dravidians and North-Indians have common ancestors and both are indigenous to the Indian sub-continent. This interesting revelation was made by Dr VR Rao, Professor of Anthropology, Delhi University, while presenting his paper at the national seminar on “Scientific Dating Of Ancient Events Before 2000 BC”.

The seminar was held in New Delhi on 30th and 31st July, 2011. It was attended by about…

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