7 thoughts on “Indian History And Its Historians

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    …there are two major disservice that (Sir William) Jones did to the Indic Civilisation. One was the possible misdating of Chandragupta Maurya by several centuries and the other was postulating the assumption of a PIE, which implied an Urheimat (ancestral home) from where the Indo Europeans fanned out to the four corners of the Eurasian landmass. By so doing, he laid the seeds for a fractured historical narrative for the Indics, which was not supported by any Indian legend, tradition or folklore. In short, he saddled the Indics with perpetually having to refute dual falsehoods : a false chronology and an imposed ‘Aryan Invasion’ or what has been light heartedly called the “Aryan Tourist theory.”

  2. Given all these new findings shorn of mistakes by the Germans, what is newtimeline for Chanakya, Mauray Dynasty, Alexander’s invasion and Gupta dynasty?

    1. Birth of Buddha – 1887 BC ; Coronation of Chandragupta Maurya – 1534 BC ; Coronation of Chandragupta Gupta – 327 BC ; Alexander’s Invasion – 326 BC.

      These are the Puranic suggestions.

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