Country, Culture And Countrymen

Bhagwad Gita – The most sacred Hindu text propagates sexism and casteism. Texts like these led to complete neglect of women (50% of the society) and segregated a section of society belonging to a particular caste (another 20% of the society). Should this not offend us, that 70% of Indian society was neglected and ostracized because of religious texts?
Gita Casteism
My reply :
Try interpreting it from memes of those times 5000 years ago, and not from our current colonialised “garbage” …
Women – is the principle, not gender. Men can equally vested with it. Its rooted in the things material, the earth, home, belongings … Focused on adding, increasing, nuturing … Attached.Caste – As population divider, derived from its Portugese root. In Gita, the term is “jati,” which is more a person qualifier or descriptive of psyche and life interest …

Vaishya are into material production, commerce and profit-taking;

Shudras are still more coiled in lower tendencies, anchored in the body – food, sex and subsistence – unmindful of what is electable and what is not.

What are the specifics ? Has the fellow visited Gujarat ? Is he looking for perfection in a land of chaos that has seen 100s of riots of all kinds and manner ? Did this person outrage in 1984 … a progrom and genocide proper, with over 20,000 killed ? What does he have to say about scores of people locked in the train at Godhra and burned with deliberation ?

Generics and fluff … But even the imagined can build emotions and generate outrage, isn’t it ?

* * *

India can do better than Modi or Rahul

Anti – Modi outpourings in uncouched and couched terms …

My reply :

X , Y … You wish ! Talking is one thing … and articulation is of special relevance – the gab of those who’ve done little otherwise except earn their bread for their exclusive selves ! Of course, they all have an opinion about someone who has learnt to articulate because he had to, not because he wanted to. And Bongs especially … how dare someone rises above the filth we are submerged in !

To clarify, I have little hope from politicians in general. But I have no axe to grind when I see a phenomenon… which Modi is. Not all our fathers, friends and relatives are equal to it : do I therefore have to box him in ? That’s not my case.

India will arise from what it has, not from people settled in other cultures ! You have views and opinions we have no need of. Frankly, I doubt your management antecedents … especially in Indian context that you have little idea about. 

I am grateful … that we have a Modi and the BJP, who might be full of faults but have that one thing that this nation needs : Continuity and the courage to disregard the “foreigner,” who’ve nothing but an ignorance to grind at our expense.

* * *

Foreigners … Why the hell should they be included in what India is. They’ll come if they find it profitable, money or otherwise. And take away, as it avails. That’s it. 

In fact, that’s the bane that needs to be nicked and snuffed : Foreigners in our affairs !

* * *

Rounding Up

He he … right wing goondas (as the Hindutva protagonist is perceived) ! How many of them have you faced or those who you know have actually experienced their doings ? If you can’t specify, it would be pointer to how imaginary are your emotions and intellectual build up on the matter.

West Bengal has just been “emancipated” from actual Left wing goondas. There are 1000s of stories ppl actually have to tell. I refer you to Basudeb Sen‘s FB TL … he wud be 75, a 60’s graduate, Harvard alumnus and an independent Director on Company boards for long.

Interestingly, did you notice Utsav Mitra’s announcement : He’ll quit his comfy IT job and join the BJP to actively participate and campaign in the run up to 2014 elections ? Then wonder why …

No, you are an Indian, and that needs no certification from anyone. But this being in the cloud, the “tower,” without any real idea of what is happening on the ground, would give you false material to start your ruminations about India, its situation, its trajectory through its present and future.

I am not holding my breath on any expectation of what would happen … who would proved right or wrong. That just isn’t my business. My call is a position I take on matters that matter to our people :

–  Islamic belief system that simply manufacture sub-humans,

–  Maoists that are lost in the yawning chasm between what they want and what they do,

–  Left scums who only have empty heads around figuring out “Party strategies” for their people-be-damned-ideology,

–  the scamming scamsters and subversives of the #Congress and its self-coiled allies …

    all of these I oppose actively, as far as I can.

Finally, I do not have much expectation from politics, much less from politicians !

So, we can still be friends … My brotherhood however admits only those who have sensed the unbroken continuity that our country represents, who can smell its culture and taste its traditions, and who know that it is the only evolved way to universal love and peace in our midst !

2 thoughts on “Country, Culture And Countrymen

  1. Do you run your home according to what the neighbor feels or says ?

    Every living unit – individual, home, community, society, country – has its continuity, its own learning and memory, its own tasks at hand and its own preferred future. It can forget or deviate from that sight at its own peril.

    The world has experienced it all – being colonised, depraded, culturally imposed upon and monochromatised, reduced to banana republics …

  2. “Foreigners … Why the hell should they be included in what India is. They’ll come if they find it profitable, money or otherwise. And take away, as it avails. That’s it.

    In fact, that’s the bane that needs to be nicked and snuffed : Foreigners in our affairs!”

    I do venture to say that no matter what ethnic group I associate with, I hear the same comment but the unfortunate thing for those who feel that way, is that it won’t happen because globalization has already taken place and the powers that be, both internal and external won’t be so amenable. Unless a higher energy intervenes we are all here for the long haul. Good luck, my friend! 🙂

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