Ah, yes, Living Stories, Engineering Lives …

Truth Within, Shines Without

A fellow Groupie wrote : “… mellowness has eased into us like wines or those charming antiques on the Antiques Roadshow.”

I would add : “… antiques, that come alive in ways that is perfect, as perfection can be !”

*  *  *

All my life, and I believe I could speak of all others as well, I have been creating stories in real life and engineering them to happy conclusion, not necessarily profitable, in full view of others. The last one, which was followed closely by my younger son, who is a chartered accountancy student, deserves a little recount.

It started in Nov last year, when my small car had clocked about 50,000 km. It had served me faithfully all through the rough and rocky roads it had taken me on, without ever leaving me in the lurch or stranded. I had been noticing its calls for a ‘spa’…

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