Pure Monism is then where we are led up to … through fervent worshipful Dualism, which today is fast going out of vogue and increasingly becoming unacceptable to secular, materially grounded and critically aware minds. Relating with the formed immanence of the universe-being, of Qualified Monism, brings the deity within our touch, permitting us to love it in truth, embrace its “presence” in the diversity all around us, respect nature and the environment that envelops us, and actually sense the brotherhood we formally hear of. When the overwhelming love of truth settles, the ground is prepared while we wait on the being-with-void, of pure monism, to inundate the knowledge we have of our self.

Truth Within, Shines Without


Let a man lift himself by his own Self alone. Let him not lower himself.

  For this self is the friend and this too is the enemy of oneself.”


Dualism, Qualified Monism and Monism ( or Pure Monism, to differentiate it from Qualified Monism ) are different rungs in the ladder of realisation of the ontological truth and its respect with our being. They are real perspectival positions that raise concommitant attitudes with which we interact, communicate and regard ourself and other beings in our respect. 

Dualism positions every individuated being as eternally different and separate from the ultimate reality. Deism is dualistic, whether in its pantheistic or monotheistic construct. There is no hope for dualist to ever unify with his or her ideal in truth. The involved belief also brings in terms of power, with the individual considering itself weaker…

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