Palitana Temples : Gujarat

The construction of temples of Palitana spanned over a period of 900 years and was structured in two phases. From the 11th to 12th centuries AD as a part of the resurgence of temple building all over India, the first phase of temple architecture was constructed. The second phase followed later, from the 16th century AD onwards. Muslim invaders destroyed some of the earliest temples built in the 11th century AD during the 14th and 15th centuries AD. No one person can be attributed for the construction of these magnificent temples rather it was the effort of the wealthy businessmen who were followers of Jainism.

Several customs must be observed, as the entire hill is sacred to Jains, not only the temples. In keeping with the strict non-violence of Jainism, no leather products (wallets, belts, etc.) should be carried on the mountain. Dress appropriately; shorts and sleeveless shirts are considered disrespectful. Women should avoid tight-fitting clothing. When entering temples, remove your shoes and leave any food outside. Inside the shrines, you should not talk, laugh or smoke. Permission must be obtained from temple attendants for photography. There is no entry fee for any part of the mountain. No one, not even the priests, may remain on the mountain at night, as it is an abode of the gods and they are not to be disturbed.

Credit : Gujarat Tourism
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5 thoughts on “Palitana Temples : Gujarat

    1. At first, I did not know if it would be appropriate to suggest a personal meet for sharing more on the topic. But then, I’ve gone with my feel that it would a great pleasure to converse with someone who is so “mindful.” So, if it’s okay with you and you happen to be in Delhi, do let me know … Hope you both have a nice time here.

      1. Wow…Nice of you to offer…We are still in the States, eating at Indian restaurants, watching Bollywood movies, learning a little bit of Hindi, reading and learning as much as we can about India. My daughter even learned and performed an Indian dance at the yearly Indian festival.
        What is even funnier is that I got to dreaming of Ganesha 🙂

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