If It’s God You’re Seeking …

My friend Basudeb Sen quoted on Facebook :

“A king was strolling on his terrace in the evening. By chance, his sight went towards the market where he saw a saint roaming around. The saint was walking in a blissful state, as if he was not in this world at all.

“The king was a man of good culture. He instructed his men to go and bring the saint immediately upstairs. On receiving the command, the king’s men immediately threw down a noose with a long rope, strapped the saint and pulled him up.

“The king asked for forgiveness, for this action, and said that I have caused you so much trouble to get an answer to one question. The question is, how can God be realized very quickly ? The saint said, “O’ king ! You know this answer very well.”

“The king asked, “How so ?”

“The saint said – “If in my mind I thought about meeting you then there would be many difficulties along the way, and it would take very long. I am not even certain whether it would be possible to meet or not. But when in your mind, you thought about meeting me, then how long did it take ? O’ King ! In the same way, if it comes in God’s mind to meet me, then there will be no delay in meeting with Him.”

“The king asked – “How can the thought come in God’s mind to meet me ?”

“The saint replied – How did you get the thought in your mind to meet me ?”

“The king said – “When I saw that you were immersed in your own world while walking, totally oblivious of every thing around, the street, market, stores, houses, men etc. , then I thought about meeting you.”

“Saint said – “O’ King! In the same way, you become immersed in God and become engaged in Him, do not look towards anyone at all. If you cannot live without God, then the thought will come in God’s mind to meet you, and he will immediately be realized.”


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