Mostly because I agree with it and would like my blog readers to ponder over. What have we become ? Is this how we want us to be ? In fact, if I were to prescribe one cure for most problems, violence and breakdowns in the American society, I would say : Restore the Family as an institution … where divorce is rare, the old are respected and taken care of by the young, and the kid is provided for and does not have to quit the parent’s home untill work takes him away. It’s alright if not everybody finds work or has to work beyond a certain age; the ones who do should take care of everybody’s needs. And not every adult has to have a home of his own, living a life under debt; a home that accomodates all should be enough !


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  1. Thank you for writing this. You are very right. So many Americans are isolated, lonely, depressed, & in debt because they try to live without the support of others, & without giving support to their loved ones. I believe more and more people are rediscovering how people have traditionally lived successfully for millenia, including the joy & benefits of true family life.

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