This is Marilyn Monroe I did not know. Perhaps, you too need to judge if you do …

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This video is the trailer of Marilyn Monroe‘s film The Seven Year Itch.

By Peter Frost:

The two sides of Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday 08 January 2013

Almost exactly 60 years ago arch-sexist Hugh Hefner launched Playboy magazine.

When it came to choosing the cover girl and first centre-spread there was no contest. It just had to be Marilyn Monroe.

Who else appeared to match the American male dream of a shapely sex bomb who was both pliant, subservient and available?

A dizzy, bubbly blonde with no ideas or opinions of her own – for so many, that was the image they had of Marilyn Monroe.

Many still have that image today.

Just imagine how middle America might have reacted on discovering that its favourite sex icon was a communist.

Throughout her life and even more after her death, the tabloid media had a field day with Monroe’s…

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