Journal : Musings …

#Lobby : The Other Side Of Corruption– red de publicación y opinión
“At $ 17,500, the grand old #Saudi man was purchasing sexual comfort for lifetime ! The great Custodian Of Mecca #Islam #Muslim #Sharia”
“‎#Owaisi All bravado vanished in a moment ! Indian #Muslims ought to see this lying coward, apology of a ” leade,” resort to excuse.”
“‎#Congress is status quo party. #UPA the corrupt regime. WOMEN BEWARE of rape. MEN, your unlivable margins. YOUTH, your unaffordable educ’n.”
“‎#Jharkhand Govt in crisis : Time for some horse play, Koda style. High time too, for the honourable legislators to fetch some crores !”
“‎#Syria That US co-opted UN Secy-Gen, Ban Ki Moon, finds Assad’s speech “not good enough.” It isn’t it abt Syrians anymore, eh ?”
“In a poll @timesofindia asks, Who’s most “desirable” amongst 100 females. How shl men imagine ? Coffee or a porn session with them ? #WTF”
“‎#Pakistan ensures relevance 2 #India thru 1 LOC cross border violations 2 Lauching / encouraging terror attacks & 3 Paid Media / #AmanKiAsha”
“We hv a bumbling, incompetent State. But our Police in #AndhraPradesh also wets its Khakhis with fear when faced with criminals ! #Owaisi”
“What is rarest of the rare in law ? Bereaved nephew n husband of stabbed-raped pregnant women asks : Let’s #SHOUT”
“‎#Asaram’s statements do not surprise. Not after Nirmal Baba. What astounds is his followership ! R these idiots from Bharat or India ?”
“Bhagwat, Owaisi 2 sides of coin, says #JD-U leader; #BJP protests || Huh … what a partner, what a party leadership !”
“Panel headed P Chidambaram recommends up to 50 % reduction in base price for 2G auction that will begin March 11.
“Why can’t the #IndianJudiciary disrupt itself ? Remember, how numb n dumb it got when #ShantiBhushan publicly challenged them !”
“Why is the #IndianJudiciary so dumb abt improving itself, taking action against errant judges, so drooling abt post-retirement assignments ?”
“I am a voice without a form. It may be that I shall find it good to get outside of my body-to cast it off like a worn-out garment. But I shall not cease to work! I shall inspire men and women everywhere, until the world shall know that it is one with God.”
“We do not have to define our #self ! We only need to discover, and be. #Life
“Who am I … is a point of departure when we r attain the choice of dissolving in the answer, whereafter our individuated #being is over !”
“‎#AlQaida already owns north Mali, Somalia, getting strong in Turkey, Tunisia, Maldives, Yemen, Algeria ! Taliban set 2 b back in Afghan. 2/2″
“‎#AlQaida chief’s bro met Syria armed opposition. Is that #US strategy : Let Syria go the way of Libya n Egypt ? 1/2”
“‎#SC commutes death to life coz the barbaric perpetrator of heinous double crime, murder + rape, was drunk ! ? Did it bar him from drinking ?”
“How #ChurchOfEngland ties itself in knots : Women were anyways barred. Now gay bishops in civil partnership are allowed but if celibate …”
“‎#UPA Govt is back 2 its usual “political” comfort. Shiela’s sham padyatra, Alka Lamba‘s insistence, Police chief’s continued fabrication …”
“‎#Nirbhaya’s friend : This #UPA Govt showed respect 4 the citizen and initiated change only when faced with public anger, not otherwise !”
“This division of same geography between Bharat n #India is needless. It is similar in effect 2 how politicians hv bn dividing our society.”
“‎#Delhi recorded minimum temperature of 2.7 degree Celsius at 8.30 am ! A man on the road below hurried as Pinocchio – Chaplin combine would.”
“‎#India How sorry, despicable n sad our politicians and judiciary seems … one is most empowered, the other most honourable. All drooling !”
“Believe me, nothing whatsoever different … my winter evening time menu is fixed – the cap rotates anticlockwise on the colourless, odourless warming thrill with anything light titbits, followed by a sumptuous bowl of hot soup, and a cup of great unflavoured Coorg coffee, when everybody else goes off to sleep and I to my essays !”
 My bond with every soul who aspires to honesty and truth, to serve the good and joy in creation and stand with those who suffer, no matter the failures, is a million times stronger than any relationship others might claim to have with me. It is the rule I have scrupulously lived by through over half my lifetime. Wish you the best of health and fortune through 2013 …

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