European Union supports Bahrain dictatorship

This needs to be cast broader … the hypocrisy of it. Aslo to be seen alongwith how the United States supports the Syrian armed opposition finded by that wahabi fundamentalist dictatorship in Saudi Arabia; the same opposition recently met by AlQaida chief Zawahiri’s brother. Is that what the mighty power’s strategy is : Let Islamists gain all over … in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen, Northern Mali, Maldives, Somalia, Sumatra / Aceh in Indonesia … funding the terrorists in Pakistan through its army and, now, letting in Taliban into power in Afghanistan !

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This video from Britain is called BBC Newsnight: Can UK do more to help alleged Bahrain torture victim?

From e-International Relations:

European Union Democracy Promotion: The Case of Bahrain

By Benjamin Ledwon on January 5, 2013

Descriptions of the European Union’s foreign policy often focus on its normative power as a promoter of democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights. While the EU has achieved remarkable successes in promoting democracy in its immediate neighbourhood, it will be argued that the EU’s normative foreign policy has enjoyed less success within a wider global context.

Mr Ledwon does not mention the strong possibility that European Union policy is mainly driven by profit interests of multinational corporations, often at odds with democracy. And that European Union talk about democracy is often just propaganda.

Ledwon is correct about European Union policy not bringing democracy within a wider global context…

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