Infinitely authentic account of what #Muslims and #Islam mean to us in India … filled my heart. Brought a cry to my lips.

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Mumbai, 1992.

This year changed my childhood and my life. As a 12-year-old student of St Xavier’s High School, Fort, I started the year on a great note by winning the under-12 Bombay School Football Championship. My game won me a place in the Bombay (Mumbai) District and the Maharashtra State under-12 football team. I was having a dream run till December 6.

7th Dec 1992 I remember that day vividly. It was a bright, sunny day and I was going through the motions as a standard six student. Students were overjoyed because the school had just announced that after the short recess, it would be a half-day. The joy, however, was short-lived. Within minutes, there was tension in the air as news of the Babri Structure [Masjid] demolition spread like a wild fire. I was too small to understand what the issue was, but looking at the frightened faces…

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