Why is #Islam the way it is ? Not because of that fiction about Gabriel and revelations; it is a product of the ambition of a sick and depressed mind conflating rich stories of similar historical attempts floating in the environment, and being swept off by them. The epileptic fits only served to intensify the imagery with which it got projected by the “Prophet” !

Truth Within, Shines Without

Myths are stories of invention, imaginary or fictitious, without a determinable basis of fact or natural rationale. But, in practice, some that are held in belief by gullible spiritual aspirants lead to severe debilitating consequences, regardless of the degrees of literacy or educational pedigree of the adherent. They remain in use to ‘ rationalise ‘ inferior customs in social institutions, some of which are stark and abominable. and for holding and propagating popular memes that promote regressive values and drive people to subhuman conduct. 

Here are a few myths of ignorance that I have found tellingly dark and macabre in their effects …

Allah, the divinity of the self-projecting Prophet of Islam : This event needs a closer look in its historical context. Especially since its tenets bears upon its adherents, with all the authority it appropriates, never to question or doubt.

The U.S. government designated Iran, 12 times in…

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