The Case Against Islam

Let me keep it simple : Islam is a community with God-advisories that is Satan obsessed … Allah is for believers and Satan for non-believers, dividing the world in two, and the relationship is adversarial at uncompromising fight unto death.

What can one expect from such stupid, regressive and superstitious belief system ? No wonder Muslims everywhere are either a mob funded by Saud or nothing … not one among them has an intellect capable of thinking for itself, that understands and can articulate, and recognise the grounds of universal respect, progress and peace.

Islam, and its believers, just cannot … because the rest of the world and people are commanded by Iblis, Shaytan, and must be converted or killed. I repeat, no wonder the Islamic world is so pathetic, uncreative, violent and manipulable. They are serving a fictitious Allah and an even more fictitious Satan… not humanity !

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The truth is that Islam is not even a religion proper : it is a hounded man hounding the horde, all overwhelmed by phantoms in their minds.

Ask us : how to live life in freedom, compassion, forgiveness, happiness, creativity and looking forward, not stagnated to times 14 centuries ago.


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