Just re-read … because this months-old write got a like today !

Truth Within, Shines Without

#WhoAreWe : We are humans. We are Hindus.

We connect as one, if not as other. Let’s live the truth.

Twitter does what it is meant to do. Fishes don’t climb trees.

Your observation is important. But action is exclusively upto You and I. If you wud lead, I would follow. Shall we meet ?


#What Is Fair : The immoral and motivated amoral – journalists, economists, near sighted smarts and businessmen – counter with : What is Fair ? It’s relative…

Well, dimwits and intellectual dullards, if we keep out those national policy making asses in the govt or parliament, it isn’t very difficult.


“Most of the corrupt and debauch, violent and mean… who’ve robbed the people’s exchequer and subverted their aspirational institutions… they all are very religious people, who duly prostrate before the Divine Will, and even share their spoils with Him/Her/It !

Dullards wrongly…

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