Love, Pain, and Song Lyrics

It takes a lot to mould it and the effort takes on a magnificance, speaking of nobility and beauty to our heart …

Chris Martin Writes

I’ll never forget the first thing I ever wrote. I was in school, and we were taking end of the year achievement tests. I finished the English section rather quickly and sat there waiting for everyone else to finish theirs. I started jotting down a poem on a piece of notebook paper. Before I knew it, I had completed my first writing project (outside of the usual school assignments). I was very excited, to say the least. I enjoyed making words rhyme, so I eventually started writing song lyrics. I’ve had a couple put to music, but most just sit on my computer with no melody.

Having moved to Charlotte and become actively involved with One7 for two years now, I’ve heard so many stories from the kids that would completely rip your heart out. Most of them have suffered through more pain already than I will ever have to face in a…

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