shubho mahashtami

No, thoughts whatsoever are unnecessary …

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Durgapuja and Mahashashthi:

Mahashashthi is the first day of Durgapuja in family pujas- it plays the most important part of the puja- the invitation of the celestial being in clay deity. The puja called pranpratishtha (bringing to life) is held after dusk and continues for hours.

It’s a divine experience in one word if the priest performs it with true feelings.

I have shared the details of Durgapuja held in my family home in past years, a pure example of rural, family puja. This year I will share the URL of that post and small things related to Durgapuja. Hope you will join me in my journey.

Today is Mahashtami- the third day of durgapuja. That means the pinnacle- from tomorrow it will be countdown.

Misty sweet morning came smiling
bearing the fragrance of your love.


In case you are curious to know how durgapuja…

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