The White Woman’s Burden

The White Woman’s Burden | OPEN Magazine.


An amazingly frank and simply expressed experience of an Australian woman married to an Indian husband who not only happened to be brown but was actually shorter than her. She occasions the worst of attitudes in otherwise perfectly common of our countrymen. Our behaviour then reeks of racism, by that colour we associate with erstwhile colonial masters – privileged, powerful, carnal, sensuous, high up and prized.

Run the colonial hangover into current society and we would be inclined to conclude that this brunette or goldilocks would be a pleasure to have, perhaps a drug addict and just, just possibly cheap ! Her coloured husband – who ? – is likely be upon as a shady, un-Hindu, creature of the shadows, making hay of this shining beauty. ” Move aside,” he’d be roughly sidelined.

The indignity of prejudice is deep on the Indian psyche and it is important we became aware, on our way to its purge. That supeiority, even if found of the great Sanatan pride, leaves us prey to abysmal inferiority that surfaces before a white woman with a ocal husband, in India.

O, my countrymen ! It’s human being, just … since your judgment is stuck in your hind, in your exclusive cultural ignorance, your wallet or in your genitals. Wake up to the beauty and freedom of being just human.


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