Is #Iran going the North Korea way ?
The Iranian rial hit an all-time low against the US $ on Tuesday…
1US$ = 34,000 rials !
What good does the US / UN see in this wasting development except bolstering that wretched-most Wahabi Sunni terror-sponsoring regime in Saudi Arabia ?

Truth Within, Shines Without

” Iranians need help, not war or sanctions, to oust their regime,” says Reza Pahlavi in Al Arabiya News today @

There is no doubt about the Persian influence in Middle East and Central Asian regions. It flows from history. Nothing that the West has in mind will change that.

Reza Pahlavi’s views comes across as sensible, sane and insightful, over the noises orchestrated in the media for a while now. He calls upon Israel to help the Iranian people in toppling the current regime instead of launching military attacks against the country to stop its nuclear program. And he’s spot on in his assessment of any misadventure on part of Israel and US : a war on Iran now will cause a tension with Jewish people worse than it already is. In fact, it would regress by milleniums, back to how it was during the reign of Cyrus…

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