Indian Economic Reforms … My Foot !

I don’t deny that this GDP may have a meaning – National, for the international community, and State, for the Federal Govt. But what does it mean for the people ?

To be useful for framing our economic policies, GDP must be broken up Income Group wise, adjusted for inflation !

And, why do we presume that 40% of our population who are already half-starved and fully miserable would not be any worse off with 7% – 25% real rate of inflation per annum ? Are doles and subsidies, however targeted and if not tapped away by our netas and babus, any substantial remedy to their poverty ?

What kind of effing Nobel economist laureates have taken over our world order ?

What m-c value do banks add to the money they borrow @ 6 – 8% to be lending out @ 15 – 18% ?

And I see very intelligent people hailing #FDI in retail as economic “reform” !
My foot…

***   *   ***

UC … Middlemen …

1. Is this admittance of a few foreigner mega Middlemen an improvement over having thousands of Indian middlemen in the supply chain ? We all know what such wealth concentrated oligarchs can do, and actually do to subvert the public good.

2. The farmers getting a higher return is a holistic issue. What good is a higher return of Rs 5 to him when the inputs and costs of other goods he buys increase by Rs 20 ?

3. The ” Co-operative ” model has been so abused by our corrupt politicians [ our Co-op Banks for instance…] and the movement so deliberately ignored, opposed and undermined since decades … !

An Idea :  A New Constitution with 542 States …

You might have not meant or intended that way but, as an idea, there is great merit to it :

1. Smaller 542 admn blocks … with autonomous heads within the India firmament, with accountability in a Parliament of their ilk, not politicians and partymen …

2. No elections, no political parties … a Parliament of 542 CEOs of Indian states … D

I don’t see why that has to be the case (,,, bulky…)… just remove everybody [ but for nodal offices in skeletal Federal structure ] other that the 542 Sate collectorates !

PS : Just eliminating the Political waste … parties, elections, machinations and the sham … is some evolution. I expect the Panchayats will get the primacy they deserve … Lo and Behold ! We would have transited fro electoral democracy to a Participatory one : )))


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