Journal : Musings

On To The Truth Within …

It may take a lifetime to make sense of all that is out there, outside of us. Most who blog are on the way. A few have it digested and reduced to a values system, within an integrated perspective, from where they are able to project their observations – emotions, thoughts and points of view.  

It might take a lifetime … but amongst all bloggers who put out for others to read, the most admirable are the ones which invest their words with Dignity and Truth. 

Whatever be our niche, may we each endeavour to serve clarity and beauty, and simplicity. Let us plant our expressions in the world for the good of all, for its fragrance to reach out far and wide.

 May our efforts enable us to connect with hearts that are pure and minds that are already sacrificed.

And, contrary to how most people might believe, the practice helps us gather our self about meanings that matter to us, trains us into being mindful and vests us with the critical eye … all of which adds to our capacity to excel in our respective professions too, gives to us our very own ground in social conversations and insights into individuals we associate with, and furthers us along that daily process at improving our personal universe. 

**** + ****

 Mindfulness is Deep, Free and Happy state of Sharp and Pervasive AWARENESS. 

So, let us start minding that easy inclination to drift into shallowness and superficiality, bondage and attachments, misery and restlessness. 

Let us shun dullness and our predisposition to coil in upon ourselves. 

**** + **** 

Conscientiousnes is a supreme virtue, in terms of ethics and personal evolution.

Yet, it is relatively unknown and is rarely used.

A mindful man is a conscientious person. 

Why is #LordKrishna called the master of finesse in the #Mahabharat ?

A comprehensive answer @ V 

Is #IAC a #Tehelka in the making ?

The latter is into mercenary journalism.

You would find it nowhere within miles about me. 



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