Beauty is where Truth is; where too, the only real Good is !
Expresses what this post reminds me of …

Breathe In, Write Out..

I don’t wear make-up or high priced clothes; Walk in heels and a purse worth more than my bank flow; I don’t need a boy toy hanging off my arm; or cry for the sake of my hair if there was a storm.

No, no, I exist still in my white top and denim jeans, I don’t need diamonds – I have got my own dreams, Get myself a horse and a house by the stream, and end the day with a bowl of mint ice cream.

I don’t need a shrine for my trophies, we know I’m good; Haters tried to lit me on fire, but know they should; My strength makes me fireproof, soon they’re deadwood; I would take on all the bad if I could.

Yeah, yeah – I exist! I exist still in my white top and denim jeans; I don’t need the lies, I got my own schemes; Pull…

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