Journal : An Approach To Truth

There is only one self – evident Truth :  our Self.

Every other truth follows, to us, in its evidence.

It then appears, seems, modifies, mutates… and is only in the moment.

That’s what and how things mean to us, in that moment.

It may be, if your memory is deep, sharp and focused enough… that you discover one such truth that modifies no more, mutates no further. It appears again and again, seems the same, unaffected by Time, Ourself or the Environment. You then become aware of something with longer scale validity.

Such an unchanging truth, in respect of one object, being or attribute, is of value. It becomes a core around which other truths of the moment, pertaining to the same or like things, may be link – cluster – arranged, a foundation on which the others may be laid on.

The link – cluster meaning of one thing is arranged and laid on till it connects with another such meaning cluster, of another thing. And with one more… and so on, in time, to an aggregate that presents a more accurate and complete perspective of life and living, beings and things, world and our experiences.

Life perspectives, arising from longer validity truths, yield valuable guides to effective living, decisive morals one does not have to belabour at when the need is already too hot upon us nor does there remain the need to commit the knowledge to memory from what may have been gained in hindsight.

This is the way to living meaningfully, truthfully, and more completely.

*   *   *

While we at it, there is a need for exactness in our speech :

Truth is not “many” things… It is EVERYTHING. 
Even a lie is a truth for a time, for someone… it might get superceded by another truth, but until then… Some lies remain as truth for decades, even centuries !
Fact vs Truth
A fact is a truth for the moment, usually for a limited constituency.
It would change, with more info…
A truth is a fact for life… more universal, even universe wide…
And it remains valid for generations, even all time.
Nature Of Truth
Truth is of the nature of knowledge of oneself – – –
Facts are truths about other things of being.
Knowledge of Gravity remains a fact about material bodies until we conclusively know what it means to ourself… to our body, its processes, its routine, our thoughts, our sights and views, our walk, etc.
Use of Truth
Indeed, one “could”… not would… profit by knowledge of any kind.
But that is absolutely secondary and peripheral to the knowledge itself.
There is knowledge in itself, for its own sake. It is not essential that one profits by it.
Profit has nothing to do with the knowledge itself;
it has something to do with our ignorance, the very opposite of knowledge !
*   *   *      *   *   *

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