Journal : The Indian Media Is A Bitch

How the Media is a Public Relations bitch ?

It takes 20% of print area on Frontpage @timesofindia of this day and has precisely zero news or study value. Look at the all percentage “increase” expressions without any base figures. It speaks of total “average” without laying out the population weightages.

So, why did the numero uno among English dailies publish it so prominently ? Evidently, for reasons other than substance or news value. It is to address the #CongressParty’s #IndianMuslim constituents with a “news” they are expected to feel good about.

Is the extremely poor average for the “Total” population meant to rundown the majority community ? I am not sure. But certainly, the media today is a paid up medium of propaganda, with immense power to directly twist public perception on ’empty’ grounds, keep it blind to facts, immediately influence democratic processes and deflect the development agenda from data – based priorities.

The Media in general, and the Indian English media in particular, is a smart jesting and mercenary bitch !

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