Journal : June 09, 2012 : Musings … Knut Hamsun, India, Fairness, Past Life, Nietzsche, Being, EU, Culinary …

#WhoAreWe : We are humans. We are Hindus.

We connect as one, if not as other. Let’s live the truth.

Twitter does what it is meant to do. Fishes don’t climb trees.

Your observation is important. But action is exclusively upto You and I. If you wud lead, I would follow. Shall we meet ?


#What Is Fair : The immoral and motivated amoral – journalists, economists, near sighted smarts and businessmen – counter with : What is Fair ? It’s relative…

Well, dimwits and intellectual dullards, if we keep out those national policy making asses in the govt or parliament, it isn’t very difficult.


“Most of the corrupt and debauch, violent and mean… who’ve robbed the people’s exchequer and subverted their aspirational institutions… they all are very religious people, who duly prostrate before the Divine Will, and even share their spoils with Him/Her/It !

Dullards wrongly associate Nietzsche’s attempt to raise Moral Supermen with the Nazis. We each must endeavour…”


My point isn’t whether it advocates or not. It is that religion or Divine Will just doesn’t work with most people, empirically speaking. And, I’m afraid, it never will for most people. That’s how we are as a population mix.

As far as outcomes go, we’d be better off with having the Factory rule : The Gate closes at 9.30 AM. Late hours will be recorded and suitably penalised against. We know your personal situation and disabilities make it hard… But tough luck… It’s 9.30 or penalty. Please comply.


Why do YOU have to start at all ?

( If someone finds it all meaningless…)

Those who look without dream, and are hopeful or paralysed as each might be in a dream.

And through all this, we all will wake up one day… into our within.


“Little birds have been calling… It’s impossible that they have any other being behind their existence than the one behind mine ! #Truth”


“No, #Plants do not think, I believe. But they feel, which impels them to affect themselves, for better or worse.

They r an individual being.”


I can ask the questions because I am an Ordinary Man ! I am no partyman of any hue. #voxpopuli


#EU … “more integration” sounds innocuous. It’s when u translate as “more austerity, more policy diktats” that it bcums Herculean !


Freedom to choose is most characteristic of the #Sanatan way.

There is no Pope, priest, swami, guru… to impose upon you. U learn…evolve.


Suggestive Data on Guardian says Self – Published books on romance sell 170% more… and that one must obtain feedback from a whole array of people in order to improve the saleability of the work !

So what do we do : write what we want or write what would sell ?


Disenchanted with corruption that modernity brings in its wake, especially democracy, Knut Hamsen, the condemned Norwegian author, voted for change that will arrest the seeming downslide and erosion of values. He supported the Nazis, without being aware of what they were doing elsewhere. The country banded him a “traitor !”

But Knut was not alone among Norwegians to welcome the efficient and organised Germans. I would have disagreed with Knot… would have worked to oppose his beliefs… but traitor ? No… Hell, I loved the books he had authored. Still do.


My own work … is going at monkey pace. A few leaps, more distractions, and long suspension.


Culinary India


My past life diagnosis :

I don’t know how I feel about it, but I was a female in my last earthly incarnation.

I was born somewhere in modern Central India around the year 875 AD.

My profession was that of a philosopher and thinker.

My brief psychological profile in past life :
Timid, constrained, quiet person.

I had creative talents, which waited until this life to be liberated.

Sometimes my environment considered me as “strange.”

The lesson that my last past life brought to my present incarnation :
My main task is to make the world more beautiful.

Physical and spiritual deserts are just waiting for my touch.

So, I keep smiling !

Now, do I remember ?


See you, next !

vamadevananda –



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