Journal : June 05, 2012

People believe what THEY want to believe…
not what science says.
Call them modern, post modern… whatever.
In fact, I find all such divides as polemic and fake.

It makes no difference, for instance, to Christianity even if it is
established, as has indeed been done, that Jesus is fiction. For the
anchors at the helm, there’s too much money and power in it. And the
people… they need it.

All politicians, economists, dictators, wealth advisors, fund
managers, shares brokers, religious heads, bureaucrats, leaders…
will tell you in private that there are very few people who will or
can think for themselves.

Surprisingly, despite it all, I would argue that many people do lead
moral and ethically aligned lives, with consequent difficulties and
much forbearance. They are simple, honest, creative, respectful
towards others and the environment, and having ready access to
happiness through sheer choice.

That’s real, without terminological embellishment.

*   *   *

Guarantee for Happiness ? In life ? is just imagined…

But you can choose to be happy,

Even in the face of all that’s difficult and ugly in our own.

That’s because there’s nothing materially real

between happiness and us.

Only stopper is if one hasn’t discovered that as yet.

 I call the one who has… evolved !

*   *   *

Luv these “anaars” ! RT @var_sh_a @var_sh_a

आखिर ज़िन्दगी ने भी आज पूछ लिया मुझसे.

कहाँ है वो शक्स जो तुझे मुझसे भी अज़ीज़ है.

*   *   *

On positive and negative ways in life :

Perhaps, a relevant aspect is how and why we make matters more complex than they are. What + and – are we speaking of ? Energy levels ? There are very known “lifestyle” methodologies for that.

If instead, we are speaking in terms of good and bad, creative and destructive… we cannot avoid bringing in morals and ethics. Usually, in my experience, the choosing “good and creative” ways is a matter of person’s ‘ nature ‘ and perseverance at them is a ‘ difficulty and forbearance ‘ issue.

Franz Kafka, in his “Dairies,” answered the question : What is the most difficult thing in life ? To lead a simple, honest married life.

Of course, you may know, Franz never married… despite being in love. He died at 33, if memory serves me right.

*    *    *

The #CBI is repeatedly raped in courts and #UPAarraigned… but the shameless men and women in them prefer the spoils !

Who says judges can’t be imbeciles ? Regressive#DelhiHighCourtJudges … Will someone challenge the dimwit judgement, allowing an under -15 Muslim girl to marry ? Madness… Sharia provision !

We demand compensation 4 next 7 gens of#BhopalGas victims !

Your thought structure is a little too inanely twisted. Unfollowing you.

Morpheus got it right in #TheMatrix … my tribute to #Anna and my countrymen !

Referring to #BhagatSingh …

Pure heart intellectuals somehow acquire this faculty, of looking into the future. Another e.g. Maulana Azad.

@vkhosla Huh… newspapers found the lowest tabloidal denominators to profit.

Broadcasters 2 r learning fast. @timesofindia @ndtv #SansNews

@IndianMuslims need 2 hear the truth when the #Sanatan native sums it up :

” There’s the #Islamic way. And, there r civilised ways to life.”

U know, Sajad, the #Abdullahs r Corrupt Feudals n Debauch,

who’ve stolen billions from the dole we hand out 2 J&K.


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