#Journal : Slavery – Life Under Debt



What would you call a man who has mortgaged / taken a loan against his
future earnings… ?

The fellow perforce goes along with the dictates of his present employers,
right or wrong, or looks for the scarce change and finds himself in a
state of greater slavery…

What would you call a man who commits small crimes for his addiction
and is hence forever under the thumb of the sleuths, who have their
own agendas to make a call … ?

The person fearful of defaulting is no position to refuse.

What would you call a man who is used to his current or future
earnings, which satisfy his numerous emotional and status needs… ?

He’ll kill to safeguard that… which allows him to retain his wife,
kids, estate…


Economic Slavery of the masses, of need and greed, has prevailed since antiquity…  The fact also gives us the hope that there would be societies in the course of human journey in time, historic and from before, which would have experienced it over the millennia, duly noticed it, would have experimented and succeeded at evolving a solution of some kind… before stumbling back to similar chaos.

Distribution is definitely a primary issue which is, contrary to what people instantly jump to, above all about societal values, even before we invest thought on institutions and processes.

But, equally important is the creation or production process, which need to have the required freedoms and a measure of empowerment. This again must start off at societal values, as Preamble to defining what those freedoms would be… within the agreed societal values.

The law would not be an ass, if all laws are derived from values. The values need to be defined in simple, unequivocal form, with adequate reinforcing stories and metaphors for people to relate to and recount… not science and art, please ! Should that happen, the values… there would be little work for lawyers and no scope for subjectivity, without a concurrent alert to people that someone is changing the societal values !

One glaring, overarching matter is the economic model. This More > More >>> Sky Is The Limit > value associated to both Growth – market expansion – and Profit  reflected in ROI – Dividend – Compensation … and correspondingly in public accounting including GDP… is too stupid, from the values perspective we’ve broached.

An almost exact solution is in the concept of outgrowing that could be applied equally to individual and collective endeavours… whether it be knowledge, attitude, skill, career position, social status, entrepreneurship, corporate values, national economic indicators. The outgrowing concept could involve an intangible domain shift or a tangible off-center change …  as in evolving out of one and entering into quite, quite another, to entirely new paradigm.

Naturally, it takes several centuries – a thousand years would be in good proportion – to steer the changes and establish such a society. Which, very sincerely, Europe and American civilisations of today simply do not have. To my mind, any one with a perspective rooted in them, the EU and US experience, would have too little of the human panorama in view, and would hence prove to be the proverbial blind, leading the blind. Maybe the Inca, North Indian … that are wiped out. Or, the Indian… the Sanatan way still in vogue.

Sadly, we’ve never scoured history for such learning. Our current global values system, in practice, already abhors communes and communities. The reason is that we have little of the language, markets, economy, judiciary, culture, environmental distinctions left in the progressive band wagon to foster and bind communes and communities.

I know the Islamic ones are very, very very, poor examples but they also provide opportunities to elucidate. In them, at least the more regressive ones, the religious values are pretty much the societal values. They live as a community with their language, customs, culture, symbols, common sense of justice…

However distasteful, the society we are speaking of, with post modern morality and ethics, needs to have such social integration with desired values.


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