Journal : The Poet… watching history : Parts II – V

V  Poet – Mir Taqi Mir :  India : 1760 AD :

Post Aurangzeb Regime

[ Witness To Abdali and Nadir Shah Massacres

In Delhi, and around ]


Why ask Mir of his faith or belief ?

Long since he abjured

Islam and its key.

He now holds the mark

Sacred on his brow

Communes with infidels

And kneels in the temple !


*    *    *

Aurangzeb’s solemn observation recorded in his own Court’s bulletin that “In the religion of the Musalmans it is improper even to look at a temple” and therefore, presentation of a stone railing to Keshava Rai temple by Dara was “totally unbecoming of a Musalman” casts serious doubts about a few instances of religious toleration and temple grants attributed to him.

Only two years before his long awaited death, he had ordered (1st January 1705) to “demolish the temple of Pandharpur and to take the butchers of the camp there and slaughter cows in the temple … It was done”.

via Journal : The Poet… watching history : Parts II – V.


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